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This is a very well-realized piece! I love the use of texture throughout, and the interplay of sharp and fuzzy edges that lend a lot of visual interest. The limited palette work harmoniously, working with the rendering style to give the picture a dreamlike feel.

My criticisms are minor, mostly to do with focus and consistency. The face and chest area are more sharply focused than the rest of the picture, which is good as it brings the eye towards the center of interest. However the detail is almost TOO encapsulated. Perhaps the jacket in that area would benefit from a bit more sharpening, just to the point where you've done the left side of the hood.

Also, I'm a big fan of carving out the shapes as you've done around the left side, and having some hand-drawn feel like that area has is always good. However where the "carve out" fades back into the background, the brush strokes look more like "brush marks", and don't work well with the rest of the picture. If there were MORE of these marks throughout the painting they'd blend in with the overall feel more, but as it is they stand out and draw attention away from the figure.

One small problem with the figure - I think the head (what we can see of it) is just a touch small. Probably wouldn't hurt to play with enlarging the face/chin a bit.

One last thing would be that I think a composition this extremely vertical needs a bit more room both at the top and the bottom, in order to breath a bit. By almost butting up to the top, the figure seems cramped. I think at least tripling the room at the top, and increasing the bottom as well, would accentuate the tallness of the figure and also perhaps heighten the feeling of foreboding and isolation that you've got going.

But overall those are minor critiques. This strikes me as a picture that had a great idea and was carried through to a very satisfying conclusion. Well done!
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quickreaver Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009  Professional General Artist
Thanks muchly for taking the time to crit this, Patrick! I really look forward to implementing these changes, and try to get to some 'finished' place with this piece. Working digitally, it's a great temptation to overdo stuff, and I know I'm gonna be struggling not to lose the spontaneity here. But hey, that's the way it is! Thanks again...
PatrickMcEvoy Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009  Professional General Artist
No problem - again, nice piece!
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